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Brenda is great. She takes pictures to a whole new level in order to give an image much more to remember. - Elizabeth Taylor, Model

I love working with Brenda. She has a great sense of what she wants and a better eye for photography. She's helped me out a lot and I would be honored to work with her again. - Michael Maddux, Model

First thing that is crucial for a good shoot: Creating a supportive and relaxed atmosphere where the person being photographed feels comfortable enough to be who they really are. Brenda does a fantastic job with this and it really shows in her work. Second: A good eye for detail, lighting and expression. It may be just a subtle comment here or there, but Brenda finds a way to get you to realy shine at your best. She's never too demanding or curt with her comments. Rather she directs with a kind and artistic eye that will help you produce the shots you've always wanted. - John Rosania, Actor

Having Brenda take my family photos was a very nice experience. Brenda was very accomodating and she created a fun and relaxed atmosphere and her images captured the happy mood. - Eunice Saunders, Client

I had a great experience working with Brenda. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but she made me feel completely comfortable and at ease within seconds. I trusted her and her ability to capture the moment and she exceeded all of my expectations. I would love to work with her again in the future. Thanks Brenda! - Tara Martini, Client

Working with Brenda is a joy. She has a very calming demeanor and a unique ability to diffuse the chaos that is often a normal part of any set, expecially when small children are involved. This has enabled me to relax and have fun when working with her. Because of her easy manner, I was able to let go of my inhibitions in order to give her good "raw material" with which to work. She develops a gracious, reciprocal relationship with her clients, guiding them and offering direction when needed but, in turn, readily and eagerly incorporating input from them. She has an implicit understanding of lighting and other subtleties that elude most photographers and is also adept at post-production editing, where needed, producing high-end finished products that put her on the same plane as many other well-known, accomplished photographers in the field. Out of thousands of photographs taken by a host of other photographers, Brenda has given me what is by far the best headshot of continues to receive compliments from casting directors and has gotten me many auditions that have led to several bookings. I will continue to work with Brenda and wish her the best in her artistic and professional endeavours. I highly recommend her. - Leigh Todd, Actress/Model

While the photos of my two little girls speak for themselves, Brenda was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with. Not only was she able to get an impatient two year old and five month old baby to sit still, she made them feel comfortable and even got them to laugh for several shots. We couldn't be happier with these photos which we will cherish forever. I've shared the pictures with many friends & family and everyone raves about the shots. Brenda is extremely talented, not to mention fun and easy to work with.Blair Kozak

Brenda, the photos you took of Helena were just gorgeous. I didn't know what to expect since it was so spur of the moment and she was not in the best frame of mind, but you still were able to produce some wonderful shots that really expressed her personality. The poses that I had portraits made of were stunning and I never would have been able to take photos like that or catch those expressions myself. They are lifetime treasures and they continue to take my breath away whenever I look at them. They will get even more precious as she and I get older, and I am grateful she will have these to look back on once she has children of her own and I am no longer around. Your prices were affordable but the quality of your work far exceeded what someone would get at a department store which caters to children's photos. Your photos caught the essence of my daughter and of a toddler's joy in general and I am so glad that I decided to use your services. We will be back for more photos as she develops so we can document her precious stages. Thanks for your good work.Diane Timpany

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